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DJT Media Blackout

I realized this morning how often I click on article links when they are about DJT. It’s bad. I rarely read anything else, actually - unless it is something hopeful about the democrats. I rarely read anything about global issues or really anything else. I don’t think I’m alone (I think his name is basically clickbait at this point) and was wondering what would happen if we all just stopped - what if media outlets stopped getting clicks and comments on their articles about DJT (but more on other articles), would they cover him less? And what would that do to him? He hates the media - he hates how he is covered, but he loves the attention. What if he stopped making the news? Or what if he only made the news as positive reinforcement for things that were truly good? I know this isn’t feasible - or even a good idea (we need to keep talking about all the crap he does, obv) - but I like thinking about things that hurt his little feelings and that tweak him, and this would.


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