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For those that don’t know, DMC is one of the largest makers of embroidery thread. If you ever did friendship bracelets in the US, chances are good that you were grabbing DMC thread.

I recently took up embroidery and decided to go look at what patterns DMC had on their website. They’re fairly old and large, so most of them were pretty basic. Flowers. Alphabet. Wedding thing. Baby decoration. More flowers. Giraffe. ALL SEEING EYE.


I WTF’d right there and immediately sent it out to several friends. We started scouring through the archives. APPARENTLY, DMC HAS A THING FOR EYEBALLS.

Why does the Cancer sign require an eyeball?
I no longer want to be a Gemini
This is called The Lover’s Eye and it’s very Dexter-y to me.
ANOTHER Lover’s eye! Also, that eye looks tired AF.
Two eyes! But not together. Or on a face.
Multipurpose eyes.

And before you ask, duh, of course I started embroidering one.

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