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I got to spend a lovely couple of hours in the DMV today, sans book (OH THE HUMANITY!!!) getting the title of my car put in MY name and changing my address. I present to you, oh lovely Brethren and Sistren of the Hive Mind, a glimpse into the mind of Shiny. My thoughts while waiting at the DMV:

Aw, look. Toddlers are still the cutest.

Wow. Also the bossiest.

OK, Li'l Dude, if you keep gnawing on that balloon, it's going to pop in your mouth and we're all going to have a bad time.


Where the heck is your mother, kid?

My chair is broken.

I shall stare at the screen displaying DMV info and the numbers being served.

Why, in the name of Cthullu, would I get someone a souvenir licence plate? That is a super-lame-o gift.


I want to be waited on by the cute boy. Does this cost me my feminist card?

I want a personalized plate that says NMBUS2K.

No. I want the RU Highlanders plate and make it say ONLYONE.

Did a driving school class just graduate? I haven't seen this many 16-year-olds together in one place since <insert thing teh kidz do here. Make up your own. I dunno what teh kidz do other than roll their eyes>


Why do we NOT have all the service windows open on a Friday afternoon?

Oooooh, my chair is NOT broken. It's just slightly recliney. Fancy.

Why are my tax dollars paying for expensive fancy DMV chairs? DAMN YOU, OBAMA!!

Huh. According to the info on the screen, only males are capable of drunk driving.


Both males and females are capable of distracted driving, however.

Except, when males do it, it involves a phone. When females do it, it involves make-up.


What is up with the numbers they give you all being a letter-number combo? A53, C178, T232...

Do the letter mean occult things? *fingers crossed for occult things*

Why am I the only one whose number starts with a D? Does that make me special? I'm special, right? Occult-ly special?


OMG, souvenir licence plates! What a kick-ass gift!

Mmmmmm, look at the lovely man playing with the babby and his balloon (thank goodness he hasn't tried to eat it again). I'll take one of him to go, please.


And there you have it. Shiny's afternoon of boredom. I hope you enjoyed it.

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