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DNC Staffer suing under Labour Laws

I usually support workers but as someone who worked in political campaigning you go into it knowing it isn’t a 9-5 job. During a campaign you get paid by the day and everything that isn’t 40 hours is you volunteering your time like all those saps who come in after work for free. To some level you can’t expect volunteers if you want to be paid for 90 hours a week.


I get that in every other industry asking someone to work 80-100 hours a week and only pay them for 40 is bullshit but this is a different beast. I’m sure all this will cause political campaigns to find ways to differentiate what time is “work” and what time is “volunteering”.

I don’t want to say this is an entitlement thing because it isn’t, your first campaign is a real fucking shock to your system, you will work 100 hours, eat every meal out and sleep very little, then you will get ill, but you do it because you believe in your candidate and your party and you give everything to that. And if you don’t like that first one you just don’t do it again. Also part of me feels like she would never have sued if Hillary had won.

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