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Do any of y'all meal plan?

I need some help. We’re trying to have healthier meals at home. Unfortunately, I have a lot of food issues which means Mr. Toad and I eat pretty much completely separate meals unless it’s something like mac and cheese. I’ve also realized that after work, I just have NO energy to cook, and we tend to default back to the usual (unhealthy) staples.

I’ve found a lot of freezer meal resources, so I can spend a few hours Sunday prepping and then just pull things out of the freezer the night before to thaw in the fridge, then dump them in the Crockpot the next morning. Shouldn’t be too hard. But whenever we cook, we always end up with leftovers (because we’re essentially cooking for one) which would be great, except that Mr. Toad tends to not like the same thing every night, and doesn’t bring his lunch to work (the break of going to buy lunch gets him away from the computer). This is especially a problem with the Crockpot, because I worry that if I scale the family-sized recipes down to 1/3 of their intended size, it won’t cook properly.

So does anyone have any tips or resources on freezing already-made meals so they can be eaten later?


Semi-related: does anyone make smoothies the night before they intend to drink them, like for breakfast? How do you keep them tasting nice and fresh and cold?

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