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My mother thinks so in terms of my dislike of republicans.

We stopped watching The Last Ship because we looked up if Adam Baldwin was related to Alec Baldwin and discovered he was a republican. She thought the show was ok but not a valid reason to drop it.

I will not watch The Middle due to the politics of Patricia Heaton. I cringe watched the last season of Everybody Loves Raymond a show I used to love.


I would like us not to go to Home Depot since owner is a republican contributor. My mother ignores me on this.

Everytime a republican comes on CNN I want to change the channel. For some unfathomable reasons she likes Ana Navarro. I learned not to change it when she is on. She said I could change it when Ron Paul was going to be interviewed.

I stopped rooting for Drew Carey on Dancing With The Stars when I read on wikipedia he was a republican supporter.

Now Coach I find Craig T Nelson who I always liked and loved as Coach is a republican. I feel like the lead singer of the J Geils Band. I am shocked and saddened. Although his girlfriend had every right to be a centerfold and he should not have written a song being upset about it. Now my enthusiasm for the return of Coach is down.Nelson chose to be part of a party of intolerance and bigotry.


My mother and therapist think I am as intolerant of them as they are of democrats.

I think its my intolerance of todays republicans. I would consider voting for Bill Weld or even Judd Gregg although far less so yet in their party folks like them are not tolerated. I grew up and met President Ford when he was csmpaigning in 1976. I consider Betty Ford one of our finest First Ladies and her post work as the one I most admire. Just what she did for breast cancer saved countless lives then her work on addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. If the party had folks like the Fords I would love it. This is not the Ford, Nixon nor Eisenhowers party.


I remember the days when Robert Novak and Pat Buchanan were considered the most partisan republicans. Buchanan still is. Although matching Buchanans virtiol is now the standard. I recall his idiocy of first, second and third degree rape all depending on what the woman wore. Google it, late 80s? Or his bizarre interest in WW2 Nazis, Now it seems Novak would be considered a moderate especially with him having cowritten with a democrat for years and befriended him. Even they in the eighties and nineties could be tolerated since you knew there were more rational republicans. Although Novak was still at heart a reporter first pundit second. That is gone today.

Then the death spasms of the party I grew up with really took hold with the elevation of Speaker Newt Gingrich then accelerated and with the rise of talk radio and especially Rush it took hold then came rise of the pundits which replaced folks who were reporters first like Robert Novak with just opinion makers and spin makers. Where truth and reporting was replaced with perception and manipulation. Reporting forces one to do fact checking.


I lost track what was this post about?

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