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do i have fleas or bed bugs? No I have hives:(

UPDATE 2: I ended up going to urgent care...ironically because I had major heart burn that sorta felt like a heart attack. Seriously, the pain in my chest was so great that I had to pull over my car, I felt like I would be nauseous. Freaked out, I went to the urgent care office (that place was BUSY!) where the doctor looked at that as well. So, I haven't read the side effects of the high blood pressure medicine I've been taking but going to do that next. I have a feeling that HIVES may be a rare side effect. (and so it is...next drug...ugh...more doctors visits).

UPDATE: In the past hour, the rashiness and welts/bites are greatly diminished and so has the itching. Still there but tolerable. Groupthink you cured me! Or I am not lying in my bed on whatever is rashing me? I will put clean sheets again on my bed tonight, put on some hyrdrocortisone (sp?) cream and check out the benadryl.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

yesterday i started itching all over in the middle of the day. at four o'clock i was itching and noticing welts/bites in odd places. i took a shower to wash off the itch (and was going to a bbq party. i noticed my bra strap area was really itchy and looked like i had a bite or two on my breast and everything was itching. i thought maybe it was from dealing with some plants on my deck that had aphids.


but this morning i have even more 'bites' and a horrible looking rash on one leg. i just contacted my doctors office and i feel bad because it's the holiday weekend but she is on call, it's nothing to go an emergency room about but i am damn uncomfortable on the other hand.

none of the bites/rashes appear to look like what i've been looking up on the internets.


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