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Do I just give up on my life?

Ive been crowd sourcing opinions about going to The University of Phoenix and it would appear that people don't think it's a good idea.

But there are so many variables as to how I ended up here. I took the SATs/ACTs have no idea what I scored but I'm not thinking it was all that great. I work full time, I can't afford out of state tuition and this school will transfer all of my gen-eds and electives.

I want to be an accountant, and I have book keeping work experience but I want to give myself a little edge. A chance to actually be hired as an accounting professional as opposed to a glorified office manager.


People keep saying that I will be looked down on for obtaining a degree there, but as a tattooed, woman of color I'm really no stranger to people looking down their noses at me for merely just existing.

Do I just give up? Because right now I'm wanting to really just go for it.

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