My SIL is having one of those Scentsy parties on Wednesday and I texted her this morning to tell her thanks but no thanks. She immediately sends me a series of texts, each one giving me reasons why I should come. "Oh I was hoping you'd bring Baby Haa", "Other SIL and MIL will be there", "Its just an excuse for girl time anyways." Gah! Now I feel badly that I don't want to go. I know what you're all saying "So just go then." But I really, really don't wanna.

Here's why:
1) SIL is very active in her church. Nothing against Christians as a whole but these ladies are decidedly unpleasant. I've been to several events with them and it's so cliquish. Plus they always ask what church I belong to. (Hint: none).
2) General social anxiety with large groups of people I don't know very well. Now I have to share my 6 week old with a bunch of strangers too? No thanks.
3) I looked up what Scentsy is and it's fucking scented candle wax or something. What? No. At least let me buy a dildo or a purse or something practical.

So tell me Jezzies should I just suck it up and go? Hold my ground and don't look back? I don't want to withhold Baby Haa but my family can come see her anytime. They don't need a stupid party as an excuse.