Just for my own blood pressure. I did it for a while when I screamed very loudly at Ted Cruz on Morning Edition denying climate change. I screamed again today, when Steve Inskeep interviewed one of 88 former military leaders who recently endorsed Trump.

They haven’t written out the text of that interview yet, but essentially the admiral interviewed would say one thing, Steven Inskeep would be like “so what about when Trump said this tho” and Admiral Cognitive Dissonance would say, “wellllllll he didn’t mean that” or just kind of flat out be like, “well no we’re not going to do that.” When Inskeep brings up Trump’s military torture obsession, the Admiral essentially, I dunno, kind of just dodges the question by acting like waterboarding isn’t torture, and then just goes “well no one can torture like that because of the Geneva convention.” OK, so you love Trump, but think everything he says is a lie, or just flat out disagree with it? Neat.

In a moment that was just so shocking, the only thing that seemed legitimate about his support for Trump is hating Hillary. According to him, Hillary Clinton WOULDN’T UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.


I know none of this is shocking, but I just sometimes pinch myself because it fucking should be. It should be shocking that we are at risk to lose our country to a lunatic because people are so shut down from reality they don’t even believe the things that come out of his own mouth and love him.



ETA - can I just say I think Steve Inskeep is one of the best broadcast journalists right now as far as making people answer hard questions and not being a huge dipshit about “well I accept your version of the truth as truth even though it’s lies and I’m going to broadcast that to the whole country”.


ETA ETA - this is not because of hating NPR, but rather because of hating myself after I listen to the news in the morning.