I hate moving. I hate packing in general. I'm just so lazy and eventually just throw everything in a box 'cause I can't be bothered. This is what worked for me moving in and out of the dorms in undergrad. Now I have to be more mindful and strategic since I'm moving out of the state.

I have been told by my mom and stepdad that they can't move me because it's too costly. So basically my uncle or my dad is my last option. I believe I'm taking my dresser and desk and that's about it for the big furniture (I live with my my mom and stepdad so I don't have much furniture to move since it's all their stuff). I'll have to buy my bed frame and mattress up there and all my other furniture. I predict that things like an actual table for the kitchen and furniture for the living room will have to wait for a while, because this whole moving thing is going to make me broke.

Anyway, I'm trying to make it that I don't have to have too many boxes. I have mostly clothes that can be tied and hung and put in a trash bag for easy mobility, I read on some site to put books in suitcases so that may be covered, now it seems the only thing left is for some of my clothes that I fold and for my jewelry/purses/make-up.

Any recommendations on how to use the least amount of boxes possible? I'm seriously thinking of just spending the money on some big plastic storage containers so that way I have storage boxes when I get up there. My friend told me that Wal-Mart tends to have boxes they throw out that they can give me.

Ugh moving...