Tonight a couple of my friends and I were debating the whole legal marijuana thing that our friendly square to the south just enacted. They were against, I was for. The problem is one girl's opinions were based on total falsehoods, including the satire article about 37 people in the hospital for overdose and maybe "hundreds more", one such death included Jesse Pinkman. And how she knows one person that used to smile pot and now does heroin.

I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but if you are going to debate me, at least use facts! Buy now that it is several hours after the fact, I kind of want to send her links to all the reasons she's wrong, but not sure it is worth it. Especially since she is a teacher, shouldn't she know to check her sources?!?!

Times like these make we wish I had a smart phone so I could have shown her in the moment.

I also don't understand how she could sit there and talk about how horrible marijuana is while the bottom two shelves of her fridge are full of beer, wine, and vodka. Though every time she would mention people neglecting their kid e whole high, or spending all their money on drugs, or driving while high, I would just pick up the bottle of wine on her table and ask why she didn't think we should outlaw it. She never could give me an answer.

I don't smoke, probably wouldn't if it was legal, but I don't see why others shouldn't and I'm willing to argue for legalization! Either that or get rid of the hypocrisy and outlaw alcohol too (please don't take my wine, just give others their pot!).


Tl:Dr should I tell my friend all the ways she was wrong hours after the fact, or let her continue to believe lies about marijuana and legalization?