This is by far one of my favorite musicals and I believe live on PBS. Imelda Staunton is Rose. I do not know her. It is a London production.

So musical lovers. Do not forget. If you never saw it the music is fantastic and the story is great and true. Rose is one of the great musical characters. Personification of stage mother who destroyed all her relationships yet also propel her daughter into becoming what many consider the greatest Burlesque star ever, Gypsy Rose Lee.

You can interpret it as a mother willing to sacrifice her happiness and relationships to make sure her daughter becomes a star. My mother’s interpretation.

Or a mother obsessed with helping make her daughter a star even if it means destroying relations even with her daughter. My interpretation.

Burlesque, in case you ask what it is, my understanding its a strip show minus the nudity. Its about the tease. I don’t think anyone does Burlesque any more.