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Welcome To The Bitchery

Do not know how to nail

Help me, for I am doing something wrong.

Despite being older than many of you, old enough to remember when finding a nail polish in a color other than red/pink/buff was a Rare Thing Indeed, I seem still not to have mastered this application thing. It's not eye-hand coordination. It's that I must be missing something in the drying department. I can set aside most of a day for painting my nails and letting them dry, and I will still end up with impressions of my sheets and /or hair in the top coat the morning after.


Also, how long is the polish supposed to keep smelling like wet polish? I hate trying to fall asleep with 2-days-painted but still headache-inducing nails up by my pillow.

Please tell me there's some product that solves these problems but the invention of which I missed. The wheel, maybe.

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