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Do Not Make a CAH Pay App

It is against the CAH terms to make a pay app. The original decks are copyleft. If you make something with them, that thing must be free and open source. It even says so on their website. (Quote from their FAQ below.) Game rules aren't copyrightable, which is why Zynga is rich.

The app that we've been using (terrible as it is) is in github as are the card decks. The owner of the app is not accepting new decks. (This is why I haven't made the GT deck post; we can submit the deck to github but then nothing will happen.)

Do I have your permission to make some crappy Cards Against Humanity thing like an app?

Cards Against Humanity is available under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 Creative Commons license. That means you can use our content to make whatever, but you have to give us credit, you can't profit from the use of our content (this means ad revenue is not allowed), and you have to share whatever you make in the same way we share it (this means you can't submit our content to any app store). We own the name "Cards Against Humanity," so you have to call your crappy thing something else.


Now, can we make another webapp (or simply host the existing one) and put it behind a login system and host it somewhere and hope that the traffic that we send to it doesn't overwhelm what people can DONATE towards hosting. But we cannot make and sell an app.

I also have considered making a Python app to do this, but this can only be portfolio material. It cannot be sold and it must be donated.

This is being posted as an article because I couldn't share the original comment and it doesn't display anywhere and I suspect that someone blocked me from GT and needs to grow the fuck up. We'll see if my author permissions still work.


ETA: WOOHOO Authorship still works.

ETA: Chritter says that he could see my responses to him in the page without going through notifications, so I'm not blocked. Anyone who blocked anyone else for other than testing purposes or by accident does need to grow up though.

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