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Do not use cutsey diminutives to address strangers online or anywhere else

A rant: I am not your babe. I am not your girl. I am not your doll or your dear or your hon.

To address me as such, uninvited and while we are having a disagreement, is unacceptable. It is disrespectful and signals to me that you are being purposefully flip in an attempt to make me feel smaller than you within the dynamic of our disagreement.


It does not lighten the mood and I don't care if you call everyone by these nicknames. Maybe you should rethink that practice. To continue using them to address me after I have explicitly told you to stop makes your complete lack of respect crystal clear, to say nothing of confirming my suspicion that you have nothing of substance to add to the disagreement. In short, it is as desperate as it is rude. It is likewise unacceptable to invite me to take several seats for telling you that I'm not okay with being addressed as such.

If you resemble this rant, I implore you to be more thoughtful when you interact with people. Because I do not think this is unreasonable. Thank you, rant over.

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