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Do Strays Know How to Use the Litterbox?

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So, the former Cressida, now Mercury or Bowie, is hiding under the bed.

I understand. It was a traumatic day. Poor thing thought he was just going to stop by for lunch.


But nope! Our little stray buddy was brought inside for snacks...which he was happy to do until he realized he wasn't being allowed back out.

But no worries, Cressida decided to cuddle us.

Then, into the car where after a few cries, she curled up on the seat next to me as we drove the 15 mins to my parents for a cat carrier. Into the cat carrier, and to Angell...where we sat for 20 minutes to wait for the adoption center to open.


Cressie was sad. Curled up, a few meows.

And I realized that I couldn't get rid of her. Poor thing had become our friend and I loved her. So we'd try to make it work with crazy ass Jagger. The women at the shelter agreed it might work, and were helping me schedule a spay...


When it turns out that poor little Cressie was actually a 7-10 neutered male...with super bad teeth.

How bad? Pretty bad...so bad that the people working at Angell suggested I find a cheaper vet.


So, now Mercury/Bowie is hiding under my bed, Jaggie's roaming around trying to figure what smells, and back to my original question!

Do stray cats know to poop in litter boxes? We got one with no lid.

By the way, my neighbors and I owe the BF an apology...he said it was a male cat, we all disagreed...even though it spent most of its time on its back being cuddly.

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