Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Do we have an unusually high lurker to commentator ratio

I have been noticing for every post there are about 10 times number of readers to commentators. Of course considering those who comment will also click on post again to read replies along with lurkers clicking again its probably 8 to 1.

I recall usenet in the 90s seemed to have a much lower ratio. Yes far, far mlre people used usenet then are using groupthink now. I would argue during the height of Babylon Five it probably had 10 times comments and posts that we have.


Its great we have lurkers and they are always welcome. I am not sure why the ratio is so high. Although I admit I do not comment on every post and posting is restricted to members. Still the ratio seems high.

Or is usenet a bad example. Is this normal with other forums.

Lurkers are always welcome to comment on my posts. I don’t bite.

I define lurkers as those who read only. Note there is nothing wrong with being a lurker.

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