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Do We REALLY Need Internet Commenter Opinions On This?

First off, sorry for the 1999900000 posts today. I had ass awful day at work and I am trying to bury my frustration in wine and hilarity. So bear with me.

I'm sending my beloved elderly dear mother an e-card (SHUT UP SHE LIKES ECARDS. MY MOTHER LIKES IT WHEN I SEND HER THINGS WITH CARTOON ANIMALS.) And I'm going to send her this one because who doesn't love a bear who can do magic tricks, when I suddenly noticed something.

They have comments on all the e-cards.


Seriously, who does this serve beside some greedy click-count whore jerk? Is anyone out there seriously going to come to an e-card site looking for a cartoon cat dressed up as a ballerina singing "Happy Birthday" and go "OH NO. Fuck this. Analpartehmonsta says this card is 'just ok i guess.' I WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE."

So being a bonafide Internet commenting expert and also faced with a deluge of freetime since my wine had not yet cooled in the wine colding box, I thought I'd go on a little search. Because if there's one thing I know, no matter how happy, positive or genuinely sincere someone is on the Internet, there will always be someone who is totally fucking pissed at them about it. Or someone who will at least post links to a porn site.

But no. The 123Greetings site is basically troll free. Just a bunch of really nice people who seem genuinely happy about the quality of the greeting cards on their site.


So then that got me to thinking, especially after this shitstorm of a crazy trolly day we've had—maybe we should take our commenting over to the e-cards site? If you need me, I'll be talking about Doctor Who in the 'Laughter and Love' Birthday Wishes page.

Anyway, to close out this crazy day, I vote we all 'send' each other e-cards. Here's mine to you guisse!!!


(And hey, Happy Friendship Day! Apparently it's Sunday!)

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