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Do y'all believe in good vibes? Because I need some.

I haven't had a full-time job in quite a while. Like, not since 2010. No full-time work, no health insurance, but damn lucky that Lord Sulkington has been willing to pay some of my bills. So props to ya, baby.

Today I applied for a full-time job I think I would really enjoy. My cousin's wife works at this place, and she said as long as I put her down as the reference then I would definitely get a call. She already got a friend of hers hired for the same position, so maybe I stand a good chance with her at my side. But I really could use some good vibes from the universe and its inhabitants.

Pretty please with all the cherries and whatnot?

The past year has been nothing but drama drama drama, a soap opera, and something to do full-time every day would be a huge step towards taking my mind off things I cannot change. Having my own money would be a great help, too.


Fanks. (Pretending to be Cockney over here. Can't come up with any good rhyming slang.)

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