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"Do You Accept Dads"

I was minding my own business watching Velshi and Ruhle on MSNBC when across the living room.

I thought “huh”.

My mother was on the phone.

A backstory is needed. Ever see those commercials A Place For Mom with Joan Londun.(sp) from GMA? My mother despises this commercial. Seriously despises it. She often says “you have enough money you can’t take in your mom imstead of shipping her to a nursng home.” She sees retirement places as just expensive nursng homes.


She also wonders “why don’t they ship their dads there why just moms”.

So she called this place asking if they accept dads..

They do. She then told the employee they should do a commercial called “A Place For Dad”.


They won’t at this time.

I assume everyone at least in the US has seen it like a kazillion times. Not sure if its aired elsewhere. Maybe kazillion is too little.

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