Open question for all SO-d GTers. Do your political (the word 'political' used for lack of a better term) views align? I'm talking about things such as; feminism, racism, other topics regarding society. And if they differ, how do you handle it? Is it a live and let-live type of situation? How important is it (for you) to be able to share your views about these matters with your SO?

Naturally this open question is brought to you by "An adventure with boobiechick and boyfiend." I decided to throw him the question 'so, have you been keeping up with what is going on in the US?' (referring to the demonstrations throughout the country and really, the world, following cases like ferguson and many more). This ended up taking us down a road I really hadn't expected. Our opinions differ greatly.

We both agree there are serious cultural problems that have led to this situation. But he felt blaming institutionalized racism was an 'easy go-to', because people feel comfortable taking on a 'victim' role. He also felt that it was extreme to take a few 'incidents' in which policemen made terrible 'mistakes' and use them as proof that there is rampant racism within the police department and justice system or that there is a misuse of power. He felt people shouldn't be demonstrating illegally (one should acquire a permit for a demonstration and if you have a permit the police isn't going to be macing you -is this true? or is this something he'd like to believe.).

He felt there was 'groupthink' going on here, not so much individual thinking (aka. just echoing what a person says and yelling louder) and that maybe all these people that feel so angry should focus their anger on other things, such as gangs and open drugdealing, or fight the world they live in where it might be normal for people (even children) to carry guns due to these things.


Now.. I disagree.. And when I disagree.. I don't disagree a little bit. In fact I get this honest look that screams "are you a MONSTER??" from the moment he disagrees with me about all these topics because for me he is so obviously WRONG. I have seen more (through GT, twitter, and the likes) about these topics than he has. He has a good point that it's very easy for us, here in Europe, to see whatever and judge someone else based on very little facts, but that doesn't make it right or even true.

He feels he doesn't know enough to base his opinions on and therefor shouldn't have an opinion and let professionals figure it out. When he's seen video's of unprovoked violence by a policeman, the evidence eventually proved that it wasn't so unprovoked and the guy really did have to defend himself. Also, as a POC he feels no racism against him and feels people pulling the racism card to do so without cause (like a white person cutting a line in the supermarket = racist - an example he saw) and it often leads to far worse things (there's a serious problem with the 'Zwarte Piet' discussion going on right now in our own country).


Regardless of how different we might feel, this brought out another issue. He strongly feels like he shouldn't have an opinion when it's something I have a strong opinion about because any opinion but my own is considered monstrous. He isn't entirely wrong. Although he isn't entirely right. I really need to learn to count to ten and also control my facial muscles better, so that I may listen before yelling out "what kind of idiot are you?? how can you even think that??" and also maybe leave the door open for someone to be in the conversation besides, you know, me.This left me wondering. GT is a place with people with opinions. About a variety of things. I've always said that I'm the kind of person that accepts that people have different opinions and that's okay. But what about your SO? How aligned do you need to be in order to 'make it work'? Is it the old tale of 'our differences make us stronger' or is it the traditional 'we see the world the same way'. This must be different for everyone so I wanted to look into the wonderful and varied world of GT and ask you.

Do you and your SO share political views? And if so/not, how does this work for you?