I saw at a thrift shop Whitley Strieber’s 2012. Yeah world was suppose to end in 2012 it was 4 years too early. Anyways

I passed it up. Why? Anyone recall his book Communion?How in the 80s and 90s the big thing was “alien abduction” by The Greys. The Greys never abduct politicians, scientists but always common folk often when driving backwoods or when they are sound asleep in bed. Plus novelist Strieber.

I tried Communion when it came out. I just find it hogwash. Does anyone believe these stories or Strieber? I do not. I just find it absurd similar to Ancient Alien theorists.

I am waiting for The Greys: A Torrid Romance. So anyone believe him or their existance as we know it? His Warday novel is decent.