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Do You Do This?

I saw a driver doing this and I cringed. I always do especially lately.

My mother has a friend who has vision problems and drives, her eye doctor gave her an ok for another year. I cringed at this. She is blind in one eye and macular degeneration in the other. In this past year she lost a few  side view mirrors, two accidents and she points  at the pictures of what  she wants from the menu.


Since she lost three side mirrors means she is getting to close to cars or poles etc.

Plus drunk drivers who can sideswipe you. I do not see why people need to do this on the road even a road with lots of stop and go traffic like what we were on.

With GF and BF they are on my lap (passanger side) either heat or air conditioner are on. Window closed. If they stuck their heads out the window they could be killed if sideswipped.

No I never put my elbows on window sill either. Window is wide open on cool days but body is always fully inside. Actually when it reaches mid60s I reach and put ac on, on low, 80s plus on high.


Note about the picture this was not the person I saw just a representation.

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