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Do You eBay?

I know that we all PubMed and bowhunt around here, as well as live in squalor and wallow in the despair of our mental dysfunction, but what I need to know right now is: Do you eBay?

One of the guys I am currently seeing is trying to deal with his father's estate, and there is all kinds of random junk that he doesn't want and his dad doesn't have room for in assisted living, so he's landed on the 21st century estate planning solution: eBay. Since he doesn't have time to deal with setting up auctions and mailing shit, and because I am poor as a churchmouse, he's asked me to help him out for a cut of the proceeds. Ain't he sweet?

So, any advice is appreciated. Any tricks to make sure I find the best prices that similar items have been selling for? Best way to list items so they get seen/sold? Anything to look out for from experienced sellers? Right now, the first crate I have is promotion photos of celebs, some signed. Thanks!


Also, an aside: My aunt has an etsy store and she is selling pendants with itty bitty cross stitches inside them. Would any of you be interested in a link? I'm happy to promote my amazing aunt's amazing work and help her out. Some of them are more on the cutesy side, but some are really pretty cool; geometric designs and such.

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