You seem dumb so I'm gunna spell this out for you...
(in a nice way; because I am a nice person):
But it's clear
(very clear)

That you don't know
what kind of upper body strength it takes
to draw a compound crossbow

I feel bad for you, bro

Were you even there?
The first time I PubMed'd?
The first time I drew a compound crossbow
with my eyelids, bro?

You fucked up, homie
You don't even bowhunt, homie

I heard you got a fringe blog, bro
Do you even mainstream blog?
Do you even Gawker?
Do you even Groupthink Jezebel wonder
when those Groupthink Jezebel people will find your shit, bro?

You should.

Am I too candid for your blood?

I am too candid for your squalor.

Hashtag real talk.

Do you even squalor?