I’m having a bad day. Nothing particularly awful has happened, it’s just hot and humid and miserable, and I’m very tired and not feeling so great. We have yet another inspection coming up on the 21st, but kids and I will be leaving either the evening of the 15th or the morning of the 16th, so I have to get everything shipshape and sparkling by the time we leave.

The maintenance guy is coming tomorrow to fix the fridge (it’s only been broken for a month. I’m shocked it’s getting fixed already.), replace the window in the little kids’ room, and maybe, if I’m really lucky, he’ll replace the broken banister to the upstairs and fix the light in the downstairs bathroom so we don’t have to pee in the dark anymore. Of course, that means I need to make sure those areas are cleaned up for that, too.

I’m just so damn sick of these inspections. I wish I knew what I did to piss her off (although I suspect that it’s got more than a little to do with Other-Husband’s and my relationship). I have this feeling that she’s just going to keep hassling us until we can finally GTFO. I almost don’t even care about cleaning up. I feel like saying, “fine, kick us out.” We’ll survive, we always do. At least there wouldn’t be anymore bloody inspections.

I’ve managed to pack for our trip and put away 2 baskets of laundry, and I just can’t find the energy to do anything else today. I wish we had A/C for days like today, but we have to pay for it separately and it’s not worth $120 for the dozen or so days we’ll really need it. I miss my old apartment... at least there was ventilation. the windows are all on one side in this one and even with the fans, there’s little airflow.

There’s been another minor setback regarding The Good Thing, and I’m just... depressed, I guess. I hate using that word, but it’s accurate. I’m tired and sad and starting to feel like The Good Thing is just another dream that won’t happen.

I’ll be in a better mood in a day or 2, I know, I’m just so incredibly down right now. Part of it is that it’s the good ol’ Magickal Monthly Moontime, which has been really heavy and awful this time (5 days in and no sign of slowing down yet). Part of it is that I’m feeling so trapped in this place. I’m also pissed at myself for spending all our cash at Renn Faire/going out afterwards. I only did that because we were supposed to get some money today, but too bad, so sad, surprise surprise... no money. I mean, it was money I’d saved just for that, but now there’s stuff that needs doing and no cash. I’ve got some bags of cans the kids have collected, though, so I’ll take those in tomorrow so we at least have gas for the trip.


(I know I promised to post pics from the Renaissance Faire meet-up, and I will... as soon as my phone decides to co-operate with either Kinja or the lap top *sigh*)

If you got this far, thank you for listening to me bitch and moan. I’ll be back to my usual cheeriness soon. I hope. Usually, I can brush this stuff off, but it’s just really gotten to me today.