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Do you ever have that moment where you pass everything into your school?

And you send them several emails to follow up and then make sure everything is done. And follow up and follow up and follow up. AND THEN AFTER FIVE FUCKING MONTHS, they are like "Well, we don't have this piece of paperwork." And it's because somewhere someone lost your paperwork and said nothing and it falls through the cracks NO ONE EVER BOTHERS TO ACTUALLY CHECK TO MAKE SURE THAT THE STAFF HAVEN'T LOST IT OR THAT THEY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

EVERY FUCKING YEAR I GO THROUGH THIS AND I'VE BEEN IN SCHOOL SINCE 2009. I'm sorry all caps but I'm so full of rage right now. I hate the disorganization. It's not going to be the end of the world. It'll be fine but FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER.


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