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Do You Ever Seriously Worry About MRAs?

I sometimes find myself falling down MRA rabbit holes because the idea that there are men who genuinely think that we are living in a matriarchal society that punishes men for their natural urges is... fascinating.

All the more fascinating is that the one good point that they have — that the law often awards custody to the mother, even if both the father and the mother are responsible and willing caretakers* — is clouded over by the absolute mountain of woman-hating garbage they spew that's totally unrelated to custody or anything remotely sane or true. Not to mention the fact that they often gloss over or misrepresent cases where men seek custody to avoid paying child support, but that's another argument for another time.


At the moment the groups I've been seeing are Fathers4Justice (gross sexist photo above) and A Voice For Men — because the government, law, movie, television, private business and military worlds don't afford them enough of a mouthpiece, apparently.

But even acknowledging that they're ridiculous, fringe-y and not taken seriously by anyone important or particularly influential at the moment, I'm still beginning to worry about all of this. I feel like for the first time in a decade, feminism is back on track, which means I'm also bracing myself for an inevitable backlash. And I'd really like to feel as though we're getting closer to equality without having to worry about these trolls steamrolling in in a major way any time soon.

I know they're ridiculous, I know they're toxic and silly, but I'm still worried. It's starting to feel like a gathering storm. Is it just me?

*Evidently this is bullshit as well. Carry on!

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