Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So does Debbie! If you need a laugh, or a smile, or a cry (if you really love cats), this song/video might be up your alley.I'm dying over here. It's not even edited (besides making it into a song) - this is really all she talked about in her video!!

I have some questions for the universe:

1) Is eHarmony video really a thing?!

2) How did that video get out? Did she want prospective daters to appreciate her love for cats?


3) Does she love or hate this song? I don't feel good laughing AT her (cause let's be serious, I am laughing so hard because I could almost see this being me, if maybe I had a few glasses of wine), but I feel like she might actually enjoy this. If she loves cats as much as she says, now she has a SONG about it!

4) Can this be GT's theme song? Cause like... I know we have Team Dog on here and all... but we really talk about cats a lot. It just seems appropriate.


P.S. Bumblecat, you should probably watch out for this one.

Edit: Pfsh, I have been fooled, Debbie is not real. I am SO DISAPPOINTED. Still an awesome song! Thanks, Everything Is Tacos. :)

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