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Do You Ever Wonder

Do you ever wonder if Jake from State Farm dreads going to work each night, knowing that sometime around 3:00 that weird guy will call and start asking Jake suggestive questions about insurance in a breathless tone? Question and after question in an increasingly excited manner until the call terminates suddenly? Do you wonder how much these calls without a policy being sold are impacting Jake's bonus? Do you think Jake was once young and idealistic about the job, thinking that anyone who called an insurance company that early in the morning was in desperate shape and in need of Jake’s help, only to find that the vast majority of callers are drunk, extremely lonely, or drunk and extremely lonely? Do you wonder if this guy, this guy who skeeves Jake out every



makes Jake long for the drunks and the lonely people? Do you think Jake wonders why he has to wear khakis and that stupid pullover every night, when there is no chance anyone from Corporate is going to do a surprise third shift inspection of a call center situated in the cheapest labor market State Farm could find? Hell Duane, the third shift supervisor, can’t be bothered to quit playing words with friends and leave his cube to talk to the skeevy guy, let alone do anything with the numerous complaint forms Jake has filed about skeevy guy, let alone approving the request to have skeevy guy’s calls blocked. Do you suppose Jake hears skeevy guy’s voice everywhere he goes, saying ‘Ooooh that’s a good deal’ or ‘tell me about the coverage again’? Do you ever wonder about any of this?


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