...that you're really not all that serious a person? I don't know if it's something that I'm noticing because I'm looking for it or just that it's staring me in the face but today has been a day where many people in my life are dealing with serious capital I issues. My boyfriend has work drama and is thinking about actively seeking new employment. My best friend is going through a very serious break-up, the kind where furniture has to be divided and people move out. Another friend confessed that her wedding planning has her on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Someone I had lunch with today is a new father and spoke at length at the myriad ways in which his life has grown and changed since the arrival of his son. Then, on groupthink, it's been a day of lots of wonderfully written pieces written about serious life stuff which I've read and digested and appreciated.

Meanwhile, here is a fairly complete list of things that I, a near 30 year old man, did today:

1. Ate Froot Loops for breakfast.

2. Watched three episodes of a show about endearingly earnest/ridiculously attractive Danish politicians.

3. Spent a good 20 minutes wondering about the feasibility of a restaurant that was both a dance club and served really good BBQ and what such an establishment might be named.

4. Engaged in a lengthy email discussion about the new goaltender my favourite hockey team traded for, albeit mainly from a "How cute do I think he is" perspective(Answer: very)


5. Drank Iced Tea mixed with Peach Schnapps

6. About an hour and a half of real work.

So yeah, not a good grown-up day. On the plus side my I've narrowed my the restaurant name contenders to Pigs 'n' Jigs or A Confederacy of Dances.