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Unless asked I do not. At the local grocery store when then openned up their Cafeteria and I was saying hi and dealing with the same folk about every other day they finally asked my name. It was about two months now they always say my name when I pay.

Well today at Goodwill there is this woman who has worked.there at least two years. Last summer my mother bought a fake tree which was five feet high and fifteen pounds. For anyone with fibro that's heavy. So I dragged it to the front of the store. This employee ran to me and pulled it to behind the counter. Next day I walked up to her amd thanked her for her time and help. Ever since when I see her I say "hi how are you". Lately everytime I see her when shopping and after saying hi she always smiles. A couple of times like today she winked as we were passing by. Why no clue. Its not that large of a store so since my mother is always on the move I tend to be too except.when they have nice couches in which case I park and pray my mother does not buy anything or ask for a second carriage.

Today was a two carriage day. Well actually one of the times was a two carriage trip. She bought a bunch of pictures. The pictures are quite moldy but she said the frames were old and expensive. We went three times. First time we neededtwo carriages then we hit other stores. Second time one carriage. Then after she put the lamp she bought into the car she said "let's go back in just in case they are bringing out a blue bin". Third time we bought nothing.


So anyways should I say my first name to that woman? Giving a name for nonbusiness or because its asked is huge. Its a sign of trust. Personally I dislike.being asked my name in a nonbusiness setting. At the grocery store it kind of made sense since I deal with most of them three times a week.

She is in her early thirties. In case you wonder.

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