The recent post about Googling a friend’s new girlfriend has me thinking... when you meet someone new, do you later google them? Why or why not?

Do you see Googling someone as an invasion of their privacy? I’m not talking about working hard at this - just putting in their name/state or city, and looking at the first page.

Does it seem like legit research, or gossip?

And, on a related note, do you all google yourselves? Do you take any action about what you find to make your Google presence different than it is?

I google the parents of my kiddos’ friends (looking for histories of violence or drunk driving if my kiddos might be over at their homes or spending the night). I google people I meet who give me a weird vibe. I don’t automatically judge people and keep my kiddos away from them if, say, they were caught driving drunk 10 years ago. But if they police have been to their home 6 times in the last 3 months for domestic disturbance? that’s different.

I do not google new friends if they are women - I hadn’t really realized this before, but perhaps it has to do with the level of threat I associate with women of my own age (quite low). But if I were making a new friend who is a man (if we started chatting on the playground, for instance), then I’d for sure google him.


If I were dating again, I think I’d google anyone and everyone. Simply for safety reasons.