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Do You Guys Ever Wonder What Would Happen If Daniel Craig Actually Did Lurk On Groupthink?

How cool would that be? It could totally happen, you know.

Like he could be bored, reading a shitty script for The Invasion 2 or something and be all "This character spends a lot of time on his computer, if I really want to get this role right I should really explore the world of online commenting. Because I am Daniel Craig, and I need to take my shit seriously if I want to win an Oscar or something*."


And then he would be on this board and he would be like, clicking around, and then he would be like "Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide is funny as fuck!! Whoa!!" and then he would leave comments on my posts (with a totally incognito username like DC007 or TotallyNotTheRealDanielCraig). And eventually, he would be all "BRIMSG you are so funny, you are like reading into my mind and everything you say is basically making me want to take my shirt off. That has never happened ever before!"


*because The Invasion 2 could totally win him an Oscar, if he takes my notes and incorporates all the shirtless hot oil massage scenes I sent over

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