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Do You Have A "Type?"

I know BattyMamzelle posted about unexpected turn-ons yesterday, which was really fucking awesome and amusing. But now I'm wondering if any of you guys has a specific "type" that they tend to date, whether it's intentional or not.

Just by looking at the guys I've dated and the people my friends tend to date, I feel that most people tend to be drawn to the same type of person. Now, this can mean anything. It can be a specific characteristic, such as long hair. It can be a personality trait or even a general type of personality, such as extroverted/introverted, shy/outgoing, etc. It can be the overall appearance of a person or the kinds of hobbies they're into.


One of my friends, for example, always dates the exact same guy. I have legit confused the people she's dating because they're all the same person. Since high school, every dude she's been with has been average height, with dark, long-ish hair (usually curly), thin, and rich. Of course they all have different personalities, so they're obviously not "the same person," but it is amusing how they all look exactly the same. A guy friend of mine tends to go for short, thin, "rocker" type women, with lots of tattoos and piercings and who wear a lot of black. Every guy my best friend has dated/hooked up with has been super outgoing and had a "party-boy" kind of personality.

Me? I like grungy guys. You look through my dating history and the majority of the guys I've dated, whether it was short term or long term, are pretty grungy and "dark." Dark, messy hair, dark eyes, tattoos, steel-toe boots, leather jackets, at least some beard-scruff, if not a full blown beard. The heights, body shape, hobbies, jobs, interests, etc are all different, but they all kind of have that "bad-boy" look to them. Hell, Consort Fluffybutt is the uber-nerd and has tattoos, a leather jacket and a full beard. And of course, steel-toe boots. Basically, think of Russell Brand. How he looks, I mean. Not the personality.

There was that one time that I dated a blonde, preppy, Ukrainian Republican who wore polo shirts and dress shoes all the time. Everyone was very, very confused by that relationship, including me.

So what about you? Do you tend to date athletic people? Preppy people? Extroverts? Introverts? Outdoorsy types or city-dwellers? People who wear lots of colors, or people who prefer black?


And more than that, why do you feel you like these types? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, or if you honestly don't know. For me, I suppose I go for men who look like me, in a sense. I have dark hair and dark eyes and a bunch of tattoos, and I did have a leather jacket at one point. Rizzo from Grease is my spirit guide (srsly. A Buzzfeed quiz told me that. And Buzzfeed knows everything).

Also, much like BattyMamzelle's post, this is entirely gender-blind. I want to know everyone's types, regardless of the gender that you're attracted to.

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