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Given that I am so ready to kiss the trash fire of 2016 goodbye, I started thinking about my new years resolutions, like, last month. I even started a few of them, which Buzzfeed tells me is a legit strategy. Anyone else have any plans for what they want to do in 2017?

I used to make resolutions, but I realized that they didn’t do much for my mental or physical health because, once I failed them, I just felt like shit about myself and ate chips for dinner. So I focus on fun things that do help out my mental health but that if I fail them, it’s NBD.


My 2017 goals:

  • Actually do 17 of the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest. This was inspired by clicking on a pin and realizing that the original link had gone dead. RIP delicious looking muffin recipe.
  • Sew 17 things. I have a sewing room, and I need to god-damn use it. There’s also some wardrobe gaps that I need to address that aren’t easily filled by going to my local mall.
  • Knit 17 things. Once again, lots of space dedicated to this, so I need to do this. The subgoal for this is to try to use more yarn bought from a local yarn store or an artisan. I LOT of my yarn is from Knit Picks, and while I love the quality and price, I feel guilty since I could be supporting an independently owned shop.

Aside from the fun things, I do want to do more things politically, which I’m still sorting out and researching. My goal for that is once a month, because those are things I can’t easily incorporate into the rest of my life via multitasking (I knit while watching TV, sew while listening to audio books, and my pins are 90% cooking, sewing, or knitting).

So that’s me. How about the rest of you?

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