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Do You Have Bad Teeth? Me Too.

I have horrible teeth. I have had horrible teeth since I was a child. I probably have 20 fillings, many of which I got as a child and have now cracked and need more fillings.

This is what makes the whole dental situation worse

1. The dentist doesn't frigging do anything anymore. At my last dentist in Philly, I really liked him at first but then he got really greedy and started totally overbooking. He no longer did most of the work - the tech did. She was like 12. And now all the work she did is cracked or falling apart. One cracked and I didn't know and now I need a root canal.


2. The cost. My new dentist is all "you really should get cleanings every three months." Then he charged me $500 to fill a cavity ONE CAVITY. That's nice. Who is going to pay for it? My dental insurance covers up to $1,000 every year and I'm lucky I have that. So now I have to find another new dentist and hope that he/she actually does the work instead of handing it over to someone who did not go to dental school.

3. The pain. Why does it fucking hurt SO MUCH? I have had one root canal and it was SO BAD I was screaming in pain. And he fucked it up and missed a canal and it got infected. It was all very very bad. I had to have it done AGAIN and pay for it AGAIN.

4. So now I need like five fillings and at least two root canals. Seriously, I hate the dentist. I have no idea what could be done to make it better.

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