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Do you have feelings about hockey and America?

If so, you should read my best friend's latest blog post! Austen has a great sports blog not enough people read, so I'm shamelessly promoting him here. His latest post is about how much it sucks that the US is so bad at supporting our athletes in the sports that are most popular in non-US countries, like hockey and football (aka soccer). He also makes the great point that US women are really great in these marginalized sports:

There are two teams in women's ice hockey: Canada and America. Everyone else is playing for third place. In football, American women have placed in the top three of every World Cup since its 1991 inception. Let's face it, in these two sports most of America would prefer to ignore, our girls kick ass. So why isn't more attention paid? Mia Hamm gained moderate celebrity during her career. To do so, she needed only to be the most celebrated athlete in the history of her sport. When Abby Wambach's miracle extra time goal sent to US to the World Cup final game in 2011, women's soccer was briefly in the American spotlight again [Yeah, no worries, assholes, you only missed the rest of THE WORLD CUP], but it rarely lasts. It could be worse. Women could be actively discouraged from playing football, as is the case in England. There, football is men's domain, and women must tread carefully. [We all saw Bend It Like Beckham.] Here in the States, fringe sports like hockey and soccer don't require our attention and especially not our overblown sense of ownership, so sure, why not? Have at it, ladies. We men will take care of the real sports, like tackle football and professional wrestling.


Anyway, he's smart and hilarious and writes in a way that's accessible to people who are not sports experts, but not too simple to be appreciated by people who are. So click over and enjoy!

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