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You Wanna Be On TOP of March Madness? Let's battle brackets yall…

March Madness is a time of the year during March (obviously) where shit gets REAL and people battle it out on many sports websites, office pools, and national challenges to have the most accurate bracket. You pick teams you want to win, all the way until the national championship game!


As described by Forbes:

March Madness is a 64-team tournament, one-and-done style—as in, if you lose once, you're headed back to campus to play flip-cup or bouncy-cup or destroy-cup or whatever they're playing these days. Those 64 teams are broken up into four "regions," lovingly designated East, West, South, and MidWest—with 16 teams in each. […]

In each of the four regions, the teams are ranked by old, angry sports experts based on their basketball ability—from 1 (the best) to 16 (not the best, but a pretty solid birthday number). These numbers are called "seeds," which is important. It's also kind of upsetting and sad, because they make the #16 seed (Molly Ringwald) play the #1 seed in the first game! (And you thought there was no drama in basketball.) And, no, Molly Ringwald (#16) has never won a game in the tournament, ever.

In any case, when you're watching the game, you'll see the seed listed next to each team's name, so you'll know which team is supposed to win, or, better yet, how big an upset it is if it's the other way around.

So since this winter has been hard on EVERYFUCKINGBODYOMGODDDDDITSSOFUCKINGCOLD, it's time to kick back and have some fun a Gawker Community Blog pool of MARCH MADNESS.

I've started a Bracket Group on ESPN's tournament challenge, titled "Gawker Community Blogs" (It's hyperlinked). Feel free to join the group. You do have to register for an ESPN account, but feel free to use a burner email. Winner gets to feel all up on Tyra's 27 piece! Let's have some fun yall!


*I only have posting privileges on Groupthink and Crosstalk, so if you all have privs on other blogs (i.e. O-Deck, TaY, etc) and want those communities to join in please share this post!

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