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....when it's been sitting on the bedroom floor for several months? Because I do.

ETA It doesn't look like that. That's a Sand Cat family. I just wanted to make sure the really awful picture came after the jump:


I don't feel good about my motivation level today. I played with my kids. I raked a little bit. I picked up around in our bedroom, clearing a path to the couch we maybe want to garage-sale. Except the invisible cat in our room will freak out, because that's his favorite perch. I did a little grading, and a little work on class prep. Yay for me.

Last week I managed to finish up my grading by Saturday, so I had Sunday free. Shouldn't that be enough motivation for me to actually do something? There was a LH article last week about motivation, but it seemed to be about long-term goals. But what about the short-term?

Maybe I'll go out and do some more raking.

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