Trying to simplify it so that other people can understand it.

I wrote about the new B-mode gravitational wave discovery for my school paper's science column (INFLATION! MULTIVERSE! AHHHH!!). Before sending it to my editor I showed my physicist friend and she was like "oh this is good, easy to understand, good job you!"

Then my editor emails me back after I sent to him and was like "I have no idea what you wrote about." Well he didn't say exactly that but he might as well have.

Physicist friend is out drinking and can't science right now so my second best bet was Consort who I just had on the phone trying to help me explain things like what 10-35 is and how a small amount of time can feel like forever in relation to the amount of time existing before it.

Fucking people need to take more science classes so I can write my damn articles properly.