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Do you let people eat stuff you bake if it doesn't come out perfectly?

Please enjoy my only football related GIF. (This is a vaguely football related post, MonsieurX is doing fantasy football with some work friends. Can you draft Tim Riggins? Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose? IDK. Score the points do the thing go team?)

Anyway, I promised to make him football cookies to bring to the draft tonight. Usually I make sugar cookies with royal icing using meringue powder, but I hate using a lot of food coloring so instead I made salted caramel buttercream, and just a teensy bit of white royal icing to pipe the laces. (Laces out, Dan! Okay that's all the football references I've got.) This frosting I usually make for mini dark chocolate cupcakes.


Well. The finished, frosted sugar cookies are SO FUCKING SWEET. WTF was I thinking? Also the piping didn't stay very tight. So they look kind of sloppy and taste too sweet. MonsieurX is like, no one cares, they will eat them. BUT I DON'T WANT THEM TO EAT MY INFERIOR COOKIES. And I do not have time to bake more.

I HATE MYSELF EVERYTHING I TOUCH DIES. Am I the only one who gets angsty about this sort of thing?

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