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Do you like Athletic Butts?

Of course you do. Which makes today a second Christmas. Today sees the release of ESPN’s annual Body issue. A celebration of the naked, athletic form that I like to pretend isn’t just straight up about perving on naked rugby players.

Some (NSFW-ish and large-ish) highlights!:

Todd Clever, Rugby Dude:


Here’s NBA All-Star Kevin Love who, before this, I might have described as a little doughy. Zoiks.

Here’s a soccer butt, provided by Jermaine Jones


Oh, and Lady Butts. They have that too. Here’s Heptathalete Chantae McMillan:


And hammer thrower Amanda Bingson:


But really, the entire gallery is worth checking out for both pervy and non-pervy “Oh, isn’t the human body neat in it’s varieties” sort of way.

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