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I don't get Ruby Rose on OITNB (WARNING; MAJOR SPOILERS maybe)



....but hey! what a great metaphor for this character!


All this fruitless effort and wasted space....



I mean I get it. She’s a model. Fine. But like...I would take back all of her screen time and trade it for someone who can both speak and act and is a.) Poussey’s girlfriend (yeah they intimated that SoSo would be at the end of the season but for real that felt so forced) and b.) for more Nicky time all the time. Ruby Rose’s screen time on the show literally felt like a slap in the face. It was pure objectification, fan service I suppose I don’t begrudge the fan base that doesn’t often get serviced, but that still feels cheap to me because now as a woman I should also be happy to objectify the self-proclaimed androgynous? I really thought OITNB was the one show that wouldn’t sink low like this... a show for women, about women, about body diversity and everyday female struggles blown up to the point of hyperbole by the microscopic lens of imprisonment (like how Buffy made the emotional hell of high school a literal hell, OITNB resonates with my privileged ass and emotional struggles even though I am not in prison). I did not think it was about coversations regarding “betties who complain about being smart” mumbled by australian models whose best acting moves seem to be killing it with the arm-resting-on-the-knee poses. Ugh. The second half of that season was disheartening to say the least. WHERE WAS POUSSEY’S GIRLFRIEND. WHERE WAS JANAE. Flaca and Maritza had some serious bonds of sisterhood trouble in paradise shit going on but instead of diving deeper into that we got tuna panty solutions and the objectification of Ruby Rose, which I am supposed to be somehow grateful for because she’s not just a male-gazey model, she is also a female-gazey model. OH SORRY. I realize now that female bodies fitting the right mold should be up for public debate ALL AROUND; so glad I get to participate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 thank you plz send the objectification membership card ASAP otherwise I might start thinking about women as humans again.

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