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​Do you mind if I just tell you what a great day I'm having?

Today has just been one of those days with a bunch of small nice things.

  • I finished a huge project at work that I was in charge of. It launched successfully and so far has not caused any disasters. Also one of the guys that I was working with in another department wrote an email to my boss and my boss's bosses raving about how great I was. It's a relief just to not have it hanging over my head anymore, but to have it reflected to my credit is obviously a bonus.
  • My new chair arrived today, and Voltaire the cat approves. It perfectly complements the accent wall and is a lot bluer than in the photo. (I know this is a shitty photo, and please excuse background squalor. This is unfortunately angled to the only messy area of the apartment, where stuff tends to collect.)
  • My new sofa legs arrived also, so I bought the couch that's supposed to go on top of them. It will arrive tomorrow.
  • My other cat is draped across my arm and purring so loud I can hardly hear the Golden Girls.
  • I don't have to stay up all night doing schoolwork or grading papers for ONCE.
  • My elderly dog has been drooping a lot lately and I think she's losing her vision, but today she was really sprightly and excited and very like her old self. Knowing that I'll lose her relatively soon is a constant boulder hanging over me and I treasure these moments when she still wants to run around the living room at top speed (it's called the Yoora Rocket, if you were wondering).

Anyone else having a good day? Or want to vent about a bad one? Complain all you like, I cannot be brought down.

Also, if you find Good Mood Fleur obnoxious, just check back tomorrow and I'm sure things will be back to normal. (If you find regular Fleur obnoxious, I can neither blame you nor help you.)

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