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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Do you need to be told you're beautiful?

I ask because I was thinking today about, well, stuff as I do all too often. But I realized that, yeah, my mom and aunt and family members would occasionally say "You look beautiful" or something to me when I got dressed up, but they're my family. I should probably also disclose that I was the "fat kid" in middle and high school, actually morbidly obese. Anyway, I lost a bunch of weight before college, and while dudes occasionally would be like "you look nice," it wasn't really anything I concentrated on or that was a big deal. But I had one (short) relationship where the guy told me several times, just randomly when I would ask something like "hey, is this okay to wear to the play?" "well, cisum88note, you look beautiful!" And it meant something to me. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had weird issues with being told they're attractive, etc.?


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