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Do you overshare on FB?

Mostly my FB posts are about funny things that happened where I look stupid or an interesting news story I think my friends might like.

But once in a while, usually when I’m stressed or bored, I overshare. Today I posted a link to an apartment I’m renting, because I love house porn. It included the rent. I asked for thoughts on the location, etc.

Generally people said thoughtful things, but then my mother called me and was all - why do you need to tell people what you pay for rent? They don’t need to know. And why do you need people’s opinions on where you live, etc?


And now I’m oversharing here. I think most of my friends tell their husbands, and they have someone to lean on and have these discussions. But I also have single friends who are much more private. I guess I just don’t have boundaries and am a needy mofo.

Well now I just feel bad.

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