This awesome email I received from my leasing office?

Basically they want me to pay for my human who has been living in this townhome with me since 2011, to fill out an application. Well I was so pissed off about it that I completely ignored it until I forgot about it. Then yesterday I got another email from them. I told them I was busy with work, and that I can try to get it out to them before Christmas if she emailed me the forms.

She emailed me back and decided she wants to see human person's last two paystubs (Uh WTF I have paid you on time for the last 3 years and now you want to see if we can afford it? Fuck you.) And that was just enough for me so I sent her the most bitchy-appropriate email back that I could muster, basically saying that I was PISSED that I tried putting him on the lease twice and was told it would be a hassle on their end, and now I'm being forced to put him on the lease and I have to pay a damn fee.

She apologized you guise! And then she waved the fee for me!



I hope you guys are having an awesome day!