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Do you take insulin? Tell me about it please!

I’ve been diabetic for many many years (since I was 20 (both my parents have it, genetics!)) but it’s always been pretty mild. For the first 10 years, I was able to manage through diet and exercise. Then when I hit my 30s, it got a little tougher, and I started to take metformin. Everything was good and I had no issues.

Then this last year things started to get worse, fast. My (amazing feminist, who I wouldn’t doubt reads GT) doctor prescribed glipozide along with the met. I started seeing a dietician and joined a bootcamp. Doing everything I could to get it down, but even then I GAINED weight instead of losing (even though earlier in the year I was dropping weight without doing a thing).


The last 6 weeks my sugars have been 250 to 300 fasting and throughout the day. It’s been awful: I’m exhausted, alternating nauseous/starving, thirsty, peeing all the time, headaches, blurry vision, and numbness.

So now it’s time to start insulin. Not sure what type or how often yet. I also may push for a pump if it’s more then a few shots a day.


Here’s my questions!

  1. Do you tend to inject yourself in one place, like your stomach?
  2. How many times have you suffered from low blood sugar & was it terrifying?
  3. Are any of you on insulin along with an eating disorder (I’ve battled starving/binging my entire life and worried about the blood sugar drop if I relapse).
  4. Injections or the pump?
  5. How has it effected your quality of life?
  6. What else should I know?

Thanks in advance, here’s a photo of a puppy I am thinking of adopting!

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